Change of Direction

This blog is going to make a slight course change.  I am going to start monitoring what is happening with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it is likely to affect the economy in the coming years.  As many of you know, many smart people like Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and Bill Gates have warned that the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) could lead to the end of the human race.

Some could disagree with that scenario, but it certainly is obvious that AI inroads on things like self-driving cars and trucks look feasible in the coming years.  Same cars already have options that enable the car to warn you if a car is in your blind spot, warn you of cross traffic when you back up, warn you of obstacles behind your car, warn you if you are drifting out of your lane (and actually nudge you back into your lane), and slow or stop your car when you are getting too close to the car ahead of you.  And Tesla has hinted that shortly their cars will be able to pass another car automatically, and safely, if asked to.  Google has been testing self-driving cars for quite a while now.  If automatic cars/trucks come to fruition, the effect on the economy will be huge.  How many truck and taxi drivers will become unemployed?  Many people could get by with one car.  The car could take one person to work than come back for the other.

But I am intrigued by the thought that AI computers could get so smart that they could indeed take over.  Kellan Publishing is in the process of publishing my new book, Artificial Intelligence Newborn – It is 2025, and I am Here!  I will keep you up to date on when the book will be released.

I will be updating this blog monthly with the current progress of AI.


4 Responses to “Change of Direction”

  1. Bob Kaufman Says:


  2. Oliver Holzfield Says:

    This is great! Sure, people are dying of cancer by the millions, and every year thousands die from influenza. Who cares about that though, we’re going to have self driving cars, and we can send email from our phones! The progress is astounding!

  3. wbrussee Says:


    Well, if you believe in the promise of artificial intelligence, it could very well lead to breakthroughs in things like cancer. As computers get bigger, faster, and can manipulate data more efficiently, they may be able to do something people can’t do – find prevention and cures through massive examination and analysis of data. Mankind is limited by the size of our brain and the fact that we die and the next generation has to start all over from a zero base. A computer can work 24 hours a day basically forever, keep getting smarter, and never tire in its search.

    I am not saying that this will happen, but it certainly makes a kind of sense. That is why I have decided to pursue the question of artificial intelligence. Maybe we all need help from machines that are smarter than us! And what will happen to our economy and our way of life if this happens?

  4. Oliver Holzfield Says:

    I don’t believe in the promise of artificial intelligence, any more than I believe in the promise of heaven. It is just a heaven story for the secular, complete with immortality. Does anyone ever ask themselves, what the point of any of it is? Why would someone want to live forever, other than childish necrophobia?

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