Artificial Intelligence Post Number 6


Timeframe for AI Implementation


Elements of AI are already in place.  For example, trades generated by computers now represent 70% of all trades (was only 30% ten years ago).  And these trades are not just specific orders.  The computers are actually calculating many of the factors that knowledgeable investors use to buy/sell stocks.  They just do it almost instantly.  That is why I believe that an individual cannot succeed chasing short-term price swings.  Your only chance is buying a stock that you feel has longer range growth potential.


As mentioned previously, many driver assists, like lane tracking, are already available, or will be shortly, in many cars.  Completely automated driving cars are probably three to five years away.  Google is making good progress on this.  Google stock just surged today on their financial results, but there could be some additional long term gains as they start selling their self-driving car technologies to others.  Mobileye is another stock to consider for automatic driving car technology.  Tesla is one of many customers of Mobileye.  Mobileye expects to have completely automated car technology in three years.  Note that I own neither Google nor Mobileye stock.  I do own Tesla stock.


For a longer term AI investment, I would consider IBM because of their TrueNorth chip that comes close to emulating how the brain works.  This chip not only has the potential to enable true thinking, it also is very energy efficient.  Because it requires totally different programming skills and abilities, it will be a while before consumer products use this technology.  There are other companies and countries pursuing similar chip technologies and even biological approaches.  But IBM seems to have a big lead, especially when you consider that they can couple this with their Watson success and get the best of both worlds!


6 Responses to “Artificial Intelligence Post Number 6”

  1. Oliver Holzfield Says:

    Berkshire Hathaway is now one of IBM’s largest holders. Historically that is an unusual investment for them.

  2. Oliver Holzfield Says:

    Transhumanist Richard Seed, he seems like a humble fellow.

  3. Oliver Holzfield Says:

    It’s hard to imagine Seed or anyone else is going to become “god,” without the aid of AI. I assume he means becoming superhuman, I doubt anyone can do this simply through human cloning. Maybe I’m way off though.

  4. Robert Kaufman Says:

    More on True North

  5. Robert Kaufman Says:

    Comments on True North by the Director of AI Research at Facebook.

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