Artificial Intelligence Post Number 12

Per Cade Metz of Wired, 8/17/2015, IBM for the first time is sharing their TrueNorth computers with the outside world. They are running a three-week class for academics and government researchers at an IBM R&D lab. The students are exploring the chip’s architecture and beginning to build software. At the end of the training session, the students, which represent 30 institutions on five continents, will each take their own TrueNorth computer back to their labs. Let the games begin!

In the meantime, President Obama has signed the National Strategic Computer Initiative, an executive order that sets the goal of producing an American supercomputer with an exaflop of processing power. This computer will be 20 times faster than the current fastest supercomputer, which is owned by China. This new computer will use parallel processing, but not be as unique as the IBM TrueNorth chip design and will not require new computer code. Nvidia is creating the supercomputer system which is initially targeted for the medical field.

As we are seeing, the efforts on supercomputing and on learning to use chips capable for AI are accelerating.


3 Responses to “Artificial Intelligence Post Number 12”

  1. Bob Kaufman Says:

    I attended the meetup with the programmers interested in genetic algorithms . I left information in the hopes that one of them would be interested in participating in are blog discussions. I am not hopeful but you never know. The were four people most with masters degrees in software development. They are of the opinion that strong ai like the computer in your new book (I am just beginning to read it) is many decades if not a century away. However, I am not so sure. I think it may advance faster than they think once the computers themselves become the programmers .

  2. Robert Kaufman Says:

    ON Sept 26th I will be going to a presentation by Maria Gini Professor at the University of Minnesota specializing in the design of multi-robot and multi-agent systems that are capable of making intelligent decisions. The topic is Artificial Intelligence from fiction to fact. I believe I will have some opportunity to ask questions. What questions are at the top of your list.

    • wbrussee Says:

      Robert Kaufman asks for questions regards the topic “Artificial Intelligence from fiction to fact.”

      Question 1) Do you believe that ANI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence) is already underway, given the recent gains in computer and algorithm power, and will it continue? Do you think that this level of AI will be disruptive to society?

      Question 2) Do you think that computers will get to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), where computers have the thinking power of humans?

      Question 3) Do you believe that computers will get to Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) where computers easily out-think humans?

      Question 4) If yes is the answer to question 2 or 3, what do you think the timing will be, and will AGI or ASI require a new computer architecture, like that in the IBM TrueNorth chip?

      Question 5) If computers get to the ASI level, will the outcome for humans be good or bad?

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