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Artificial Intelligence Post Number 28

January 30, 2016

It has been a while since I have mentioned the breakthrough computer chip IBM’s TrueNorth. But it is alive and well. There is a start up using this chip on a new designed “Pattern Computer.” This is a desktop supercomputer. It “is highly efficient, extensible, scalable, and unbelievably fast.” It is designed to discover patterns in big data – “where we might otherwise not see them.” “It could be in physics, in climate change, or in anything.” “This could be the advent of an entirely new computer age, and a revolutionary change in human and computer interaction.”

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Update on Elliot Wave’s prediction that the S&P 500 will drop 41.6% this year from 1880 to 1100. I said that don’t believe it! The current S&P is 1940, up 3.2% since EW’’s prediction.


Artificial Intelligence Post Number 27

January 25, 2016

I have said all along that I believe that the real breakout of AI will come from people working to beat the stock market. Following is a site that, to a very small degree, is trying to do that. Their self-learning algorithms are still too narrow in scope, and 15 years of data is not enough. But they have the right idea. The people that are far ahead are not publishing their algorithms.

Update on EW’s prediction that the S&P 500 will drop 41.6% this year from 1880 to 1100. I said that don’t believe it! The current S&P is 1892, up 0.6% since EW’s prediction.

Artificial Intelligence Post Number 26

January 19, 2016

The U.S. Proposes Spending $4 Billion to Encourage Driverless Cars. The Obama administration aims to remove hurdles to making autonomous cars more widespread. Tesla’s head Elon Musk says that autonomous cars are ahead of schedule, and self-driving cars could be here in as little as a year. Estimates of 25,000 lives being saved once autonomous cars are fully implemented are “driving” this extensive technological effort which includes the development of self-learning algorithms, which are keys to AI.

But stodgy old IBM may be leading the pack on AI advancement. Here are excerpts from an interview on Forbes, done by Peter High, President of Metis Strategy. Peter interviewed IBM Watson Head Mike Rhodin On The Future Of Artificial Intelligence. You can find the whole article here:

Watson has been busy since winning on Jeopardy! Watson is now working in 17 different industries. The main industry has been healthcare, and Watson is working with many of the top hospitals and healthcare providers in the world. The mass amount of data alone requires computer help. “In 2015 alone, we will produce something around seven hundred thousand new reference documents in medicine. I am pretty sure most doctors do not have time to read all of them.” Many other professions like law have the same issue of too much data for human comprehension.

“Watson mirrors the human chain of events when we make decisions: it observes, it interprets, it evaluates, and it makes decisions.” “The key breakthrough was that we were able to feed the system natural language text: reference material, the internet, Wikipedia, web pages.” “The basis of the system is that you read it, you train it, and then you continue to learn through use– much like we do. It is mirroring the human learning process.”

Watson Analytics, Watson Discovery Advisor, and Watson Explorer are three service offerings. Watson Analytics learns over time how to identify the correct data sources that you want to apply to a problem and how to make recommendations on how to improve the data to get a better outcome. Watson Discovery Advisor creates a framework for how you can interact with the computer, whether it is asking questions or having a dialogue back and forth. Watson Explorer helps us work within an enterprise to pull together lots of different types of information from existing enterprise data sources, but then take that information and connect it up to cloud-based Watson systems.

“Not only does Watson have the ability to read information, we have both voice-to-text, text-to-voice capabilities, and computer vision capabilities added in. We started teaching Watson to speak new languages. We started with Spanish and Japanese, we have added Brazilian Portuguese; we are working on Arabic right now. French and Italian are right behind it, and German will be in the wings.”

“You see…the third technological revolution getting started here…the information revolution. This is something that is going to be with us for decades.” In my opinion, you are seeing the start of the AI revolution!

Update on EW’s prediction that the S&P 500 will drop 41.6% this year from 1880 to 1100. I don’t believe it! The current S&P is 1881, up 0.05%.