Artificial Intelligence Post Number 27

I have said all along that I believe that the real breakout of AI will come from people working to beat the stock market. Following is a site that, to a very small degree, is trying to do that. Their self-learning algorithms are still too narrow in scope, and 15 years of data is not enough. But they have the right idea. The people that are far ahead are not publishing their algorithms.

Update on EW’s prediction that the S&P 500 will drop 41.6% this year from 1880 to 1100. I said that don’t believe it! The current S&P is 1892, up 0.6% since EW’s prediction.


5 Responses to “Artificial Intelligence Post Number 27”

  1. Jay Says:

    I am a newbie here and need a bit of help. What is “EW”?

  2. wbrussee Says:

    EW = Elliot Wave::

  3. Albert Says:


    What is your opinion about Japan cutting interest rate to negative? Are we in a global depression? Should we all just keep gambling with our savings and buy stocks because the central bankers will do anything to keep the stock markets propped up? Savers get punished with 0% interest and higher housing, medical cost and food prices.

    Is there anything such as true price discovery without artificial stimulus? Do the rich keep getting richer while the rest of us continue to get taxed to bail out the bad bets made by the bankers and the 1%?

  4. wbrussee Says:

    Albert asks if we are in a global depression. I don’t know. Since I primarily own US stocks, I am primarily interested on how the US looks. And the US looks pretty good in my eyes.

    He also asks, “Do the rich keep getting richer while the rest of us continue to get taxed to bail out the bad bets made by the bankers and the 1%?” Well, yes, the rich keep getting richer at others’ expense, but I don’t know if it is primarily because of the reason you say. Our whole tax and legal system is geared to help the wealthy. But that could be about to change. If Hillary or Bernie get elected, you could see some reversals, at least to the limit they can push Congress.

    Even the Europeans are getting tired of seeing corporations skip taxes. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD estimates that $100-240 billion annually is lost from governmental corporate income tax revenue when companies shift profits between countries to benefit from differences in tax rules. Tech multinationals such as Apple set up international headquarters in low-tax countries such as Ireland and Luxembourg and funnel their international revenues through them to avoid a hefty tax bill.

  5. Albert Says:

    U.S. GDP in the 4th quarter was .7 doesn’t seem to be signaling strong growth in the U.S. economy. It seems all Wall Street wants is for the FEDS to keep interest rates low and money to flow into stocks. Corporate officers are cheerleaders pumping their stocks or having their companies buy back their own stock so they can get their cash out and golden parachutes. I guess that is the American way. The Dow is up almost 400 points today as a direct result of central bankers manipulation of the free market with negative interest rates. There is no way any mom and pop investor can trust anything these markets are doing these days. The news is bad then good then back to bad in less than a weeks time. Wall Street is basically a casino.

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